SolverPI-Resin 70SY2

SolverPI-Resin 70SY2
Product Details

Product Name: Polyimide Resin

Item No.: SolverPI-Resin 70SY2

 SolverPI-Resin 70SY2 is a high-performance IC package substrate used phosphorus-modified polyimide resin, BT resin system can replace.

 SolverPI-Resin 70SY2 is based on bismaleimide-based polyimide value system, in other chemical composition does not contain DDM and other components, in line with environmental protection requirements.


l  High glass transition temperature and thermal stability;

l  Excellent solvent resistance;

l  Low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE, T-axis);

l  High copper peel strength; good storage stability;

 Quality Index:

l  Appearance: reddish brown liquid;

l  Solid content: 50-70%;

l  Gel time (171 ): 200-600 seconds;

 CCL performance indicators

l  The glass transition temperature (Tg): 200 ;

l  Flame retardancy (UL-94): VO;

l  Copper foil peeling strength (ibs / in): 7;