SolverPI-Resin 705R

SolverPI-Resin 705R
Product Details

Product Name: Polyimide Resin

Item No.: SolverPI-Resin 705R

SolverPI-Resin 705R polyimide resin is an advanced composite matrix resin, mainly used for the preparation of high-performance composite materials melt dipped in high temperature resin-based composite materials have a wide range of applications.

 SolverPI-Resin 705R is based on bismaleimide-based polyimide resin system, in its chemical composition does not contain DDM and other components, in line with environmental protection requirements.


l  High glass transition temperature and thermal stability;

l  Excellent mechanical and electrical properties and mechanical properties;

l  Good melt flow properties;

l  Good storage stability.

 Use of the product

Under heating (80- 100 ) state with reinforcing fibers melt dipping, and then the prepreg gel time requirements, further prepolymer at 120-150 condition.

When used as a heat-resistant epoxy resin modifier, in the molten state and the epoxy resin mixed in different proportions, can be prepared by a variety of heat-resistant grade of the new epoxy resin system to meet the different areas resistant epoxy resin thermal performance requirements.

 Quality Index


Gel time(171)

Yellowish paste