SolverPI-Resin 7051

SolverPI-Resin 7051
Product Details

Product Name: Polyimide Resin

Item No.: SolverPI-Resin 7051

SolverPI-Resin 7051 is an advanced composite matrix resin is widely used in the manufacture of high-performance composite materials, especially suitable for high temperature and high temperature copper clad laminates and other manufacturing, it can replace Kerimid701A polyimide resin.

SolverPI-Resin 7051 is based on bismaleimide-based polyimide resin system, in its chemical composition does not contain DDM and other components, in line with environmental protection requirements.


l  High glass transition temperature and thermal stability;

l  Excellent solvent resistance;

l  Low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE, T-axis);

l  High copper peel strength;

l  Good storage stability.

 Use of the product

Depending on the dilution of the solids content requirements, acetone and other organic solvents may be used. CCL when prepared with pure resin at less than 80 condition diluted with a solvent to a solids content of 40 to 65% for use. When brominated epoxy resin prepared CCL compatibility with the added amount of brominated epoxy resin of pure 20% or less, and adding an appropriate amount of inorganic flame retardants Al (OH) 3, at less than 80 condition with a solvent diluted to a solids content of 40-65% may be used, the use of reinforcing fibers (glass fiber, carbon fiber, etc.) prepared prepreg Section laminate for use.

 Utimately achieve the performance index

The glass transition temperature (Tg) 250

Flame retardancy (UL-94) HB / VI / VO

Copper foil peeling strength (ibs / in) 7

Mechanical properties, thermal stability and electrical properties comparable with Kerimid701A.

 Quality Index


Solid content

Gel time(171)

Reddish brown viscous liquid