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Uses And Properties Of Foam Metals

Dec 28, 2016

Its permeability is high, almost all of the holes, pore surface area, material bulk density is very small.

Foam metal in the petrochemical industry, aerospace, environmental protection for the manufacture of purification, filtration, catalytic stents, electrodes and other devices.

Compared with the general sintered porous metal, the metal material with foamed pores has higher porosity and larger pore size, which can reach 7 mm. Since the foamed metal is composed of a metal matrix skeleton continuous phase and a stomatal dispersion phase or a continuous phase, the two-phase composite material. So its properties depend on the metal matrix, porosity and pore structure, and by the preparation process. In general, the mechanical properties of the foam metal decreases with increasing porosity, and its electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity decrease exponentially. When the foam metal is under pressure, the area of force-induced by the collapse of the pores and the material strain hardening effect make the foam metal have excellent impact energy absorption characteristics.