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Usage Of Polyimide

Sep 15, 2014

The polyimide structure and unique performance, which is widely used in aviation, aerospace, electronics, machinery, chemicals, electronics and other high-tech field of its.

(1) Film,It is one of the earliest use of Polyimide,Mainly used for wrapping material motor slot construction work environment and cable insulation.In addition, transparent polyimide can make a solar floor soft.Thin film products mainly have the DuPont Kahton, Ube Upilex series and Kaneka Apical.at Harbin motor factory using polyimide Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry for the production of nuclear submarine insulation sealing sleeve with the lead, insulation, slot wedge.

(2) Compound material, it is one of the most high-temperature structural materials,Aerospace and rocket components widely used in Europe and the United states.In domestic is mainly used for mechanical parts heat resistance, high strength, such as the car heat exchange element, the carburetor cover and valve cover, instrument etc..Shenyang gas compressor factory using polyimide materials Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry provides, for the ship compressor piston ring and valve plate, use in good condition.

(3) Paint,Polyimide is used as coating is mainly used as insulating paint, especially as high-temperature coatings or for electromagnetic wire.At present, the extrusion preparation of thermoplastic aromatic polyimide insulated magnet wire, with high quality, high efficiency, low cost effect.The electromagnetic wire except can be used in the electrical and electronic industry, is expected in the aerospace and atomic energy application industry.

(4) Fiber,Previously, in the special engineering plastic, the only peek (PEEK) fiber production can reach the degree of industrialization, and now the use of thermoplastic aromatic polyimide resin by extrusion method also can produce fiber smoothly.The elastic modulus of the fiber after carbon fiber, can have the application of radiation source and corrosive environments at high temperature, high temperature medium, as a filter material and radioactive substances and bullet proof, fireproof fabric.

(5) Separation membrane,Membrane material ideal first of all should have high air permeability and good permselectivity, secondly should also have high strength, corrosion resistance and other characteristics. Polyimide and its derivatives have these characteristics, so it can be widely used in gas separation membrane. It can be used for various gases, such as hydrogen / nitrogen separation, nitrogen / oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen or methane, removing moisture from the air, the hydrocarbon feed gas and alcohol, also can be used as the pervaporation membrane and ultrafiltration membrane. In addition, because the polyimide resistance and organic solvent resistance, to play a particularly important role in organic liquid and gas separation.

(6) Application in microelectronic device,Because the polyimide outstanding high temperature resistance, dielectric and excellent anti radiation performance, therefore, as a functional material, in the microelectronics industry, in particular, has been widely used in large-scale and ultra large scale integrated circuit. It can be used as a dielectric layer by layer insulation; as a buffer layer can reduce stress, improve the rate of finished products;As the protective layer can reduce environment especially ray effects on the device, but also has the shielding effect of a particles, the reduction or elimination of soft error devices. As in the case of the passive film is coated on the components of 50 ~ 100 μ m coating, which can prevent the soft error by trace uranium and thorium emitted radiation caused by memory. The coated polyimide layer in microelectronic devices, can effectively block the transfer of electron devices, to prevent corrosion, moisture resistant ability increase device. Coating on the surface of polyimide chip as a buffer layer, which can effectively prevent due to thermal stress effects of the bursting.In addition, due to the expansion of polyimide line coefficient and copper are similar, and copper foil composite adhesion strong, flexible printed circuit board can be used for.

(7) Orientation of the liquid crystal display arrangement agent,Formed the core of liquid crystal display is two piece of coated with liquid crystal filled with a conductive layer between the glass, the glass is coated on the inner surface of the alignment layer, it is the role of optical and electric characteristics of the liquid crystal molecules aligned in order to obtain the optimal, method for forming alignment layer in the glass surface coated with a layer of polymer, and then use the cloth to a certain direction friction, the polymer surface anisotropy.The liquid crystal molecules with the polymer surface interactions and orientation to the direction of friction. Because the polyimide in thermal stability, orientation stability, adhesion, dielectric property is superior to other materials, most manufacturers are using polyimide as the liquid crystal alignment, in addition to achieve the required sub angle, and good leveling, room temperature storage period of prominent features of more than one year.

(8) Special engineering plastics,Because the polyimide with excellent properties of high temperature resistance, high strength, wear resistance, and has been used in large motor, nuclear power plant, textile machinery, high-speed packaging equipment, air compressor, car brake, gear bearing (or protection frame), copier as resistance to high temperature, self-lubricating, sealing and wear-resistant parts etc..

(9) Other uses,Polyimide as photoresist is used, the resolution can reach sub micron. For the color filter wave with a pigment or dye, can greatly simplify the processing procedures. Polyimide containing fluorine in the communication wavelength range is transparent, can be used as passive or active waveguide material, optical switching materials etc.. In addition, the photosensitive polyimide is a kind of can be direct lithography a fine pattern heat resistance, chemical stability and electrical insulating properties in materials. Polyimide is used as high temperature resistant insulating material, used as a high-temperature structural adhesive, used under high and low temperature aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, stainless steel, ceramic of high temperature resistance, radiation and other aspects of the bond.