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To Obtain A Polyimide Photoresist

Oct 21, 2020

It refers to photosensitive polyimide such as ultraviolet light, X-rays, electron beam or an ion beam sensitive, by photolithography mask pattern can be transferred directly to the membrane of soluble polyimide or a polyimide pre mer. To add, sensitizer in the photosensitive polyimide, the stabilizer is obtained polyimide photoresist. Photoresist and polyimide distinction between ordinary resist that ordinary photoresists also called light blocking agent, its role is to make use of graphics can be of photolithographic mask on the left in general are usually polyamide imide dielectric layer. Then press the graphic will be exposed polyimide left after the removal of a desired pattern. Stay on the polyimide light blocking agent finally been removed. The polyimide photoresist itself as both a role in lithography is a dielectric material, without action from the working medium only light blocking agent. It is possible to greatly shorten the process, improve production efficiency.