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Thickness Insulation Material Polyimide Film

Jul 21, 2016

polyimide film
Scope: The polyimide film is produced by adopting "Doctor-blading process". It possesses hot-resistant, radiation resistant and excellent dielectric performance and applies to motor Grade H. electrical insulation as well as the electric engineering insulating materials for other usage.
Polyimide films retain their physical properties over a wide temperature range. They have been used in field applications where the environmental temperatures were as low as -269°C (-452°F) and as high as 400°C (752°F).
Appearance: Smooth and bright film surface. The defects of folding, broken, particulate air bubble, pinpoint and foreign impurities, tidy edges and non damage the film provided in rolling.

6051 0.075mm 75um thickness insulation material polyimide film
Excellent properties:
1. Mechanical property;
2. Dielectric property;
3. Heat-resistance;
4. Chemical stability;
5. Oil-proof and water-proof;
6. Radiation-resistance.
Mainly used in electrical and electric insulation application:
1) Formed coil insulation
2) Substrates for FPC
3) Motor solt liner
4) Magnet wire insulator
5) Transformer and capacitor insulation
6) Magnetic and PSA tape
7) Tubing