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Thermoplastic High Temperature Polyimide Coating

Mar 01, 2016

Product Name: Thermoplastic High Temperature Polyimide Coating

Item No.: SolverPI-Coating 1001


High Temperature Polyimide coating SolverPI-Coating 1001 is a polymer coating with high temperature resistant, stable chemical properties and excellent dielectric properties.Due to its excellent physical and chemical performance,it is often used as a large-scale integrated circuit wiring layer insulation, metal surface coating, surface passivation layer, shielding material, ion implantation and so on.It is widely used in chemical industry, navigation, aerospace, aviation, and microelectronics field.It has characteristics of high temperature resistant, low temperature resistant, resistant to radiation, chemical corrosion resistance, low moisture absorption rate, hydrolysis resistance, excellent insulation performance and good oxidation stability, fire prevention noncombustible, non-toxic, environmental protection, good adhesion, flexibility, high hardness, impact resistance, and exquisite, scour resistance of paint film burnish and so on.


Usage: Apply to the metal which is difficult to attach (stainless steel, aluminum, copper, titanium coating on magnesium alloy, chromium plating)

Performance indicators:





Solid content






Dilatation coefficient23-200℃),(105/℃


Friction coefficientPV=0.33MPa·m/s


Wear volume(mm3/cn.m)


Dielectric constant(1KHz)


Surface resistance(Ω)


Volume resistanceΩ·m


Applicable temperature


Thermal decomposition


Salt spray resistance





Resistant to hydrochloric acid, thin sulfuric acid, hydrofluoric acid, etc

Aalkali resistance

The cold resistance of low concentration of alkali liquor

Aging resistance


Other items

Resistance to organic solvents and various oils

The construction technology:

1. The application of technology: the paint brush or stir well after spraying, roller coating methods such as coating on metal substrate surface, the coating thickness can be determined according to the actual needs(coating can be according to the actual situation, using formamide solvent dilution, dilution after coating must mix in construction)After drying for about 20 minutes, the coating of the base material in hot blast stove at 80 ℃/h,120℃/h160℃/h280℃/h temperature programmed for curing, control the heating rate of 2 ℃ / min, allow it to cool to room temperature naturally after curing, unsealing coating need to be finished within a week.

2. Basal request: metal surface must be polished, or affect the bonding strength, to deal with the old metal surface clean. Coated metal surface should keep dry, clean, strong and smooth, construction temperature is 10 ℃ to 35 ℃.

3. Note: During construction,Polyimide coating should avoid damp, avoid dust and can not be used with other solvents, paint, construction site should be well-ventilated. Coating which have been opeded need to be finished as soon as possible, unopened coating long-term preservation below 15 ℃, note moistureproof, keep ventilated. Avoid contact with the skin for a long period of time, when using solvent does not contain toxic, flammable, volatile organic substances, when can be carried out in accordance with the general method of paint.

UV Curing process

Method 1: Spray surface under uv light at a distance of 200 mm below, about 30 min, vertical irradiation in principle is coating surface is not glue the hand, namely the curing is complete. If the coating surface is bigger, it must move in curing process of uv lamp or spraying the surface.

Method 2: First put the coating surface under uv lamp at a distance of 300 mm for vertical irradiation about 10 minutes, then spraying the surface under uv lamp at a distance of 200 mm for vertical irradiation about 10 min, and then again put coating on the surface of uv light at a distance of 100 mm for vertical irradiation about 10 minutes,.In principle,when spraying the surface is not glue the hand,it is namely complete curing. Similarly, if the coating surface is bigger, it must move in curing process of uv lamp or spray the surface.

(note: this method is a reference for power 2 kw uv lamp, in the actual process can be adjusted according to the size of the uv lamp power proper uv lamp and the distance between the coating surface, and irradiation time.)