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The Thermal Cycle Initially Begins To Crack In The Outer Layer Of The Composite

Oct 09, 2020

Thermal cycling

1. Thermal cycling was originally cracks in the outer layer of the composite material, until the stress relaxation far. Further thermal cycling in the inner cracking cracks even if this has not been the 5000 cycle occurs internet.

2. Cracking the resin can be controlled by reducing the intensity, not to affect the modulus, it has no effect on the performance of fiber control.

3. Increase at lower temperatures and thermal cycling does not produce harmful effects.

4. Thermal cycling after heat aging will increase the inner cracking, so it reduces the pitch control performance, but this does not increase the weight loss after 1000H aging at 232 .

5. Compression fatigue test 1000 did not impact on performance and cracking.

6. 1% dilution sample cracking did not increase significantly.