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The Specific Product Example Of PI (2)

Sep 15, 2014

(6) paper separation claw and thermal gear paper separation claw and thermal gear for vulnerable parts of office automation equipment such as high-speed copiers and laser printers, with its excellent wear resistance, high temperature resistance and mechanical properties. Domestic separating claw the material is still difficult to meet these requirements, defect exists temperature resistance, wear, short life, while foreign producers have technology monopoly advantage, the price is very expensive. SolverPI injection plastic precision injection production separation claw and gear of high quality, greatly reduce the cost of product. The quality of the products meet the technical index of foreign parts.

The separation claw processing has the following characteristics:

· high temperature               

The wear rate and friction coefficient of

· suitable low

· low coefficient of thermal expansion, dimensional stability

· molding, injection molding and high production efficiency

· low mold shrinkage, high precision

· long service life, high cost performance

(7) the sealing ring / support SolverPI processing using ring and a sealing ring / support ring with no deformation in machining and use of the process, excellent corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance properties can meet the production machinery and bad working environment, and has excellent flexibility makes the sealing ring / site supporting ring installation easier the support ring, which led to inadequate sealing performance and life short due to deformation of the ring / import PEEK seal, with bright prospects in the domestic oil production machinery industry.

Oil extraction machinery sealing ring / support ring has the following characteristics:

good rigidity, in the process of using the minimum

   amount of deformation

· excellent toughness, easy to install

 can keep excellent mechanical properties at 220 ℃

· corrosion resistance, which can meet the production

   machinery bad working conditions

· good self lubricity, can avoid deformation caused by friction

(8) wave soldering wave soldering duck claw claw is a common component of duck PCB peak welder, made the traditional titanium alloy welding claws as adhering tin shortcomings, will affect the quality of the products. The products of special materials for SolverPI precision injection molding, can very good solve this problem.

The welding claw the production of PI has the following characteristics:

· not adhered tin

· high precision products

· high temperature

· low thermal conductivity, heat transfer

· lightweight energy-saving, low power operation

(9) the cigarette machine mould box cigarette machine mould box for cigarette machinery general parts, use of environmental requirements with high resistance, excellent mechanical properties and high temperature lubricating. Enhanced products SolverPI processing can be used in the cigarette production enterprises using carbon fiber, products meet the technical index of similar products abroad, and has higher application value.

Product mould box has the following characteristics:

· low friction coefficient, low wear rate, volume

 •  High temperature

· protruding lower impact, flexural, compressive strength

· low coefficient of thermal expansion

· machining deformation

· materials processing is good

(10) auto parts SolverPI is a new and unique thermoplastic polyimide, its comprehensive performance excellence is widely used in the automotive industry:

SolverPI parts has the following characteristics:

Easy heat processing characteristics

· prominent: injection molding, extrusion, heat molding, spray forming, no small molecule release process, shrinkage of small, high fabrication precision

· comprehensive excellent mechanical properties: high modulus, impact resistance, creep resistance, is an ideal material structure function

High temperature, good heat resistance, high temperature in a wide range with good mechanical strength and deformation

· thermal

· high insulation resistance, dielectric properties

· chemical resistance, excellent resistance to organic solvents, oils,, flame retardant, anti aging

It is an excellent wear resistance, antifriction, friction increasing material