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The Procedure For Preparing The LB Film

Nov 22, 2016

The procedure for preparing the LB film is as follows:

1. A solution of polyamic acid in a concentration of 1 mmol / L in DMAC and benzene and a similar solution of long chain fatty amine having the same concentration were mixed. To give a solution of the polyamic acid salt. Or a 1 mmol / L solution of the polyamide grease in a suitable solution.

2. The resulting solution was added to deionized water to form a stable monolayer film on the water surface.

3. The monolayer film is transferred onto a substrate such as glass, quartz or silicon.

4. The LB film of a polyamide acid salt or a polyamide resin which is supported on a substrate in a single layer or a plurality of layers is heated and polyimideized to obtain a polyimide LB film.