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The Piezoelectric Activity Of The Polymer Has Attracted Wide Interest

May 03, 2017

Since 1963, the piezoelectric activity of polymers has attracted a great deal of interest. Semi-crystalline polymers Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) dominates the literature on polymer piezoelectric materials. And has been used as the most important piezoelectric material has been widely used. Although PVDF has a high piezoelectric response, its maximum operating temperature is only 90 . Polyimide not only has high heat resistance, but also can easily introduce various groups on the pendant groups. Molecular modeling can provide a basic understanding of the response of polyimide to temperature and applied electric field. Computer chemistry, including quantum mechanics and classical mechanics, has been used to predict and understand the piezoelectric properties of amorphous polyimides. NASA conducted an exploratory study of polyimide piezoelectric materials in the 1990s because of the potential use of this material in microelectronic-mechanical systems.