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The Phase Separation Of Polyimide Hybrid Films With Different Clays Is Very Different

Mar 31, 2017

The phase separation of the polyimide hybrid membranes with different clays is quite different: Montmorillonite, mica can be completely stripped into a monolayer form evenly dispersed in the polymer. The layers are oriented parallel to the surface of the film, and talc has a small amount of aggregates of organoclays, most of which are present as aggregates in the polyimide matrix. The reason for this difference is that the interaction force of different clay and organic ammonium salt is different, and the organic ammonium salt produces different degree of escape from the intercalation compound in the heat treatment.

It was also reported that 10% montmorillonite-containing polyimide hybrid membrane, polymer interpenetration in the intercalation between the montmorillonite layer formation of aggregates, only a small part of the montmorillonite in a completely stripping way to disperse In a polyimide matrix.