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The Most Commonly Used Creatures Are Scattered Red

Mar 23, 2017

Lord, passenger type NLO polyimide is non-linear dispersion NLO chromophore materials in high TG composed of polyimide. Regardless of polyamide acid or soluble polyimide as a chromophore molecule carrier, processing and polarization processes require high temperature processing. TG higher imidization and polarization temperature is higher. For soluble polyimide, in order to make the solvent may also require higher temperatures. Therefore, the thermal stability of the chromophore molecule becomes constraints. The most commonly used chromophore molecules are dispersed red. This host-guest material is easily prepared, but the thermal stability high enough to break down easily or escape from the polymer at high temperatures. NLO chromophore molecules turn their high content of plasticizing effect, reducing the polymer of TG. Recently been synthesized many thermostable NLO chromophore molecules, they are above the decomposition temperature of 300℃, it can withstand high temperature treatment.