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The Main Purpose Of The PI

Sep 15, 2014

PI has excellent heat resistance, is one of the main heat resistant plastic, can work under high temperature bearing, piston, piston rings, connecting rod, gear, etc.;

PI and PPS (polyphenylene sulfide mi) blend, the material has good mechanical strength, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and resistance to stress and crack;

PI shows the incomparable superiority in the field of aerospace;

If it can be instead of bronze, aluminum and other materials produced some parts of PI engine, its performance is far more than the metal material. Protection of making the space outside the sealing device, and a space suit, shading system, emergency oxygen supply system etc.;

Can also be used on the space shuttle valve parts.

USA GE (SABIC) PI model: EXTEM*UH1006 American GE (SABIC) PI chemical resistance, high heat resistant EXTEM*UH1006M GE (SABIC) PI American chemical resistance, high heat resistant EXTEM*UH1016 GE (SABIC) PI America chemical resistance, high heat resistance, high flow EXTEM*UH1016M American GE (SABIC) PI chemical resistance, high heat resistance EXTEM*XH1005 GE (SABIC) PI USA polyimide EXTEM*XH2315