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The Effect Of Metal Doping On The Gas Separation Membrane Remains To Be Studied

Apr 18, 2017

Troger et al. Studied the gas permeation, diffusion and dissolution properties of metal-containing polyimide films. Metal doping will reduce the diffusion of nitrogen in the polyamide-imide film, the solution is through the performance, but the overall change is not too large. However, for hydrogen or oxygen, the metal doping has a great impact. For example, about 13% palladium doping can reduce the diffusion coefficient of hydrogen more than 600 times, other metal co-doped palladium will reduce the gas diffusion of the obstruction. While the doping of palladium makes the solubility of hydrogen increased by several hundred times. The effect on the diffusion coefficient and solubility of oxygen is complex and is related to the environment in which the membrane is exposed. Membranes stored in air do not have a significant effect, but membranes stored in hydrogen can increase the solubility of oxygen several times. While the oxygen diffusion coefficient is reduced by several times. In short, the metal doping on the gas separation membrane of the impact remains to be studied in depth.