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The Development Trend Of PI

Sep 15, 2014

Polyimide as polymer materials promising has been recognized widely, used in the insulation materials and structure materials is growing. Just cut a striking figure in the functional material, its potential is still in the excavations. But after 40 years of development has not yet become a greater variety, the main reason is that, compared with other polymers, the cost is too high. Therefore, one of the main direction of future research of polyimide is still finding ways to reduce cost in the monomer synthesis and polymerization method.

 PI as a special engineering resin a comprehensive performance of has gradually gained recognition, and has been used in many field. In some developed countries, whether military or civilian applications are very extensive, dosage is in rapid growth year after year. But in China at the present stage is mainly used in military, civilian has just started, the market potential is enormous.

 Reasons for restricting the development of PI

· high processing temperature, molding conditions, high requirements for the moulding equipment

· expensive price, many enterprises due to high production costs and give up the use of

· domestic PI quality is not stable, fluctuating

· awareness of polyimide not, do not know how to use and the use of the area

The future direction of development

 •  to further improve the performance of PI material

· improve the machining process, seek new shaping method

· to lower the cost of PI material, expanding the use of

Further research about PI

· functional materials