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The Advantages Of The PTFE Plate Are Reflected In Which Aspects, The Temperature Of The PTFE Plate Is Suitable For

Oct 11, 2018

What are the advantages of PTFE plates?

First of all, its temperature resistance grade is very high. As far as the current PTFE material usage is concerned, the raw material can reach 232 ° C, even if the maximum temperature after the return can reach 150 ° C, so it has a very wide range. The temperature of use.

Second, no matter what type of chemical, no matter how corrosive it is, PTFE plates can basically be used. It can be said that if the PTFE plate can not meet the corrosion resistance requirements, then no other plastic materials can be used. In addition to its excellent chemical resistance, its mechanical properties are also outstanding, which makes it suitable for use in swinging and bending applications.