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Technology And Industrial Development Of Polyimide

Sep 15, 2014

Polyimide technology and industrial development background.In 2007, consumption American, Europe, Japan polyimide respectively 18000 tons, 16000 tons and 7000 tons, the direct economic value of more than $50 Billion.

Polyimide which differ in the consumption of all countries and regions, America is mainly used in plastics, accounting for about 80% of consumption; the major European consumption is enameled wire, consumption accounted for 70% ~ 80%;Japan is mainly used in film and plastic, together accounted for 95% of consumption.With the development of aviation, automobile, particularly the sustained and rapid development of the electronics industry, an urgent requirement for electronic equipment miniaturization, lightweight, high performance and high reliability. Polyimide excellent performance can fully meet the requirements in the field of. Foreign authority predicts global future years of polyimide demand will increase at an annual rate of about 10%, in 2013 the total consumption will reach about 100000 tons, the market prospect is very considerable.

The main production company PI variety of several of the world and production capacity 


The production company

Production capacity (t/a)

Poly pyromellitic diimide (PMDA/ODA) thin film Kapton (thermosetting PI)

Du Pont Company


Dongli DuPont Company



Zhongyuan Chemical Company


(PMDA/BMAP-B) mold plastic Aurum ®

Mitsui East Asian Chemical Company


Poly biphenyl tetracarboxylic diimide thin film Upilex-s

Ube Industries Ltd.


Polyether imide molding Ultem ®

Ge Corp


Polyamide imide (TMA/MDA) mold plastic Torlon ®

Amoco Corporation


Polyurethane imide BT resin

Mitsubishi gas chemical company