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Technical Points

Dec 26, 2016

To get good quality carbon fiber, need to pay attention to technical points:

1. High purity, high strength, densification and surface cleanliness are the primary tasks for preparing high performance carbon fiber. Carbon fiber systems engineering from the precursor of the polymer monomer. The quality of the precursor fiber not only determines the nature of carbon fiber, but also restricts its production cost. High quality PAN precursor is the primary prerequisite for high performance carbon fiber.

2. Impurity defects to minimize, which is to improve the tensile strength of carbon fiber is the fundamental measure, but also a hot topic of scientific and technological workers. In a sense, the process of increasing strength is essentially a process of reducing and reducing defects.

3. In the pre-oxidation process, to ensure homogenization of the premise, as short as possible pre-oxidation time. This is the direction of reducing the cost of production issues.

4. Study high temperature technology and high temperature equipment and related important components. The high-temperature carbonization temperature is generally 1300 to 1800C and the graphitization is generally 2500 to 3000C. In such a high temperature operation, it is necessary to run continuously, but also to improve the service life of equipment, so a new generation of high temperature technology and high temperature equipment is particularly important. Such as inert gas protection, oxygen-free microwave, plasma and induction heating.