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Technical And Product Characteristics Of Company

Sep 15, 2014

The key technology of this project 2 project invention patent has been publicly, product innovation, technology at the leading domestic level, the current research and development has been completed, are transferred in the trial production stage. Testing by the national chemical building materials quality supervision and inspection center, product performance, in line with national standards and the requirements of the relevant standards.By the Zhejiang provincial science and Technology Information Institute novelty display "patent and results reported domestic polyimide preparation method, but the entrusted project thermoplastic polyimide, independent development of aromatic containing flexible groups two amine, high product purity (more than 99.6%), the product yield is high (> 80%) features in the no literature in particular the and.Flexible group containing two amine monomer novelty retrieval entrustment project developed as raw materials, polymerization and pyromellitic dianhydride in supercritical carbon dioxide, solves the used organic solvent as the dispersion medium to high pollution, solvent to deal with difficult problems, by comparison with the retrieval results, the synthetic process characteristics in addition to no other similar products in the literature the commissioned units outside the retrieved and."