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Synthesis On A Variety Of Ways

Apr 27, 2016

Synthesis on a variety of ways: polyimide variety, in various forms, in the synthesis of a variety of ways, it can be selected according to various application purposes,
This synthetic variable continuity on the other polymers are also difficult to have.
1, mainly polyimide diamine and a dibasic acid anhydride synthesis, two monomers with numerous other heterocyclic polymers, such as polybenzimidazole, polybenzoxazole dumb yl, polybenzthiazole polyquinoline dumb Compare morpholine and polyquinoline monomer such as a wide source of raw materials, synthetic and easy. Dianhydride, diamine variety, different combinations can get the different properties of polyimide.
2, may be formed of a polyimide dianhydride and a diamine in a polar solvent, such as DMF, DMAC, NMP, or THE / methanol mixed solvent of low temperature polycondensation to obtain a polyamic acid soluble, film forming or spinning It was heated to about 300 ℃ dehydration ring into polyimide; may also be added acetic anhydride and the tertiary amine catalyst to the polyamic acid, the chemical dehydration cyclization to obtain a polyimide solution and a powder. Dianhydride and a diamine in a high boiling solvent may also be, in a solvent such as phenolic condensation heating step to obtain a polyimide. It can also consisting of a quaternary dibasic acid esters and diamine reaction to obtain a polyimide; and to be the first polyamide acid into polyimide polyisoprene, and then converted to the polyimide. These methods are the processing convenience, the former is called PMR method, you can obtain a low viscosity, high solid content solution in the processing window has low melt viscosity has a particularly suitable for the manufacture of composite materials; the latter increase solubility, in the process of transformation does not release low molecular weight compounds.
3, as long as the anhydride (or four acid) and diamine purity qualified Regardless condensation method, are easy to obtain a sufficiently high molecular weight, adding unit anhydride or amine unit also can easily regulate the molecular weight.
4, with the dianhydride (or tetracarboxylic acid) and a diamine polycondensation, as long as to reach an equimolar ratio, heat treatment in a vacuum, the solid may be a low molecular weight prepolymer greatly increased molecular weight, and thus processed into a powder to belt to facilitate.
5, it is easy to introducing a reactive group at the chain end or a chain to form an active oligomers to obtain a thermosetting polyimide.
6, the use of polyimide carboxyl group, esterification or salt formation, the introduction of photosensitive groups or long-chain alkyl obtain amphiphilic polymers, can be obtained or prepared LB film photoresist is used.
7, the general synthetic process does not produce polyimide inorganic salts, for the preparation of an insulating material is particularly advantageous.
8, as the dianhydride and diamine monomer is easily sublimated under high vacuum, it is easy polyimide film vapor deposition method is formed on the workpiece, in particular the use of the device surface uneven.