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Surface Groove Theory

Oct 20, 2020

Liquid crystal molecules depends on the physical and chemical effects of the liquid crystal molecules and the polymer surface in an arrangement directional friction polymer surface. Explained - "liquid crystal polymer interaction theory" General "Surface groove theory" and. Surface groove theory is that when the liquid crystal molecules along the surface of the groove produced by the friction of the lowest energy arrangement, field emission scanning electron microscopy and atomic force microscopy revealed rubbed polyimide film surface grooves indeed exist. "Surface groove theory" can explain inorganic liquid crystal alignment in the directional friction surface. LCD - anisotropic polymer interactions of the decision. Low friction polymer film, a stretched polymer film, LB film and the polarization tilt irradiated polymer film surface are not enough. But keeps the liquid crystal molecules aligned, the liquid crystal molecules in the oriented polymer surface arranged only be attributed to specific interactions with the membrane surface of the liquid crystal molecules between polymer molecules.