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Supply And Demand Situation And Market Outlook

May 23, 2016

The mid-1970s, the domestic polyimide film manufacturing technology has been hovering at a low level state, only about 250 tons / year of electrical insulation with an ordinary polyimide film production capacity, High-performance products market is completely monopolized by US and Japanese companies. Since there was insufficient downstream market demand, a polyimide film industry developed slowly, the annual demand of about 500 tons / year.

In the 21st century, with the development of the domestic electronics industry, especially the rapid development of flexible copper clad polyimide film to the market has brought huge space for development, Market demand increasing to 200 years the domestic demand of 500 tons or more. At the same time, the scale of the polyimide film production has gradually expanded. In 2002, China polyimide film production capacity of approximately 750 tons; In 2004, the annual production capacity increased to 1,700 tons, the company has more than 30; 2009 polyimide film of an annual capacity of 4700 tons, has more than 40 manufacturers. From 2004 to 2009, with an annual output of the polyimide film can and annual output are more than 20% per year rate of growth in the variety, output and range of application, etc. have been developed rapidly. Since 2011, China's annual demand for polyimide film more than 3000 tons, with sales of about 10 billion to 1.2 billion.

With the development of China in recent years, VLSI manufacturing and packaging and other high-tech, polyimide film downstream market demand for the rapid expansion of China's demand for high-performance polyimide film is also increasing. At present, China in the field of application of high-performance polyimide film more than 85% dependent on imports, the annual import volume of 800 to 900 tons, domestic enterprises can only produce a small amount. United States, Japan and other foreign company's products accounted for 70% to 80% of market share, where demand for larger high-performance polyimide film production technology and mainly in the hands of developed countries, the United States and Japan. Standard polyimide film, DuPont in the United States nearly 10 years of time has remained at about 1,000 yuan / kg of high monopoly price. Therefore, the development of high performance polyimide film of great potential.

Industry insiders estimate that of the polyimide film market will average more than 12% of the rate of rapid growth in the next few years, Home appliances, the rapid development of 3G communications, information appliances and automotive electronics, and other aspects have become a motivation to promote flexible CCL market, driving the rapid increase in the consumption of a polyimide film. Furthermore, not only the domestic market space polyimide film is large, the international market is also very good, exports of domestic products will increase year by year, with the development of new battery technology and industry, the new electric vehicle battery separator industry also requires special functional polyimide film. Polyimide film industry development prospects are very optimistic.