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Sulfonated Polyimide

Nov 03, 2016

Sulfonated polyimide proton conducting membrane research only 10 years of history, for the polyimide as the matrix material of the fuel cell separator, the biggest challenge is the stability of its hydrolysis. The hydrolysis stability of the polymer containing the six-membered ring imide is much higher than that of the polymer containing the five-membered ring. But whether it can fully meet the fuel cell in the practical use of the requirements or worthy of the researchers to pay attention to important issues. Further investigation of the relationship between polyimide structure and hydrolytic stability and the actual use in fuel cells will provide a correct assessment of this problem.

In addition to being expected to function as a separator for fuel cells, sulfonated polyimides may find applications in point solutions or electrodialytic membranes and pervaporation membranes for the removal of water from organic materials.