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Silicone-containing Polyimide Membrane

Sep 01, 2016

Silicone, rubbery polymer, the solubility of gases in a gas play a decisive role in the separation process, a high gas permeability coefficient, but separation factor is very low. Polyimide generally has a high separation factor but often through its low coefficient, a combination of both, to achieve performance complementary effect is meaningful work.

Schauer et studied gas separation with the silicone polyimide block copolymer. With reduced silicone content, permeability coefficient decreased, while the separation factor is gradually increased. From the separation factor, a siloxane content of 17% in a copolymer substantially having the characteristics of a polysiloxane. This is clearly the silicone content of 17% and 15% have between a conversion process. Silicone copolymer as a continuous phase is converted to a polyimide as the continuous phase, resulting in mutations of gas permeation performance.