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Rigid Polyimide Foam

Mar 17, 2016

Product Name: Rigid Polyimide Foam

Item No.: SolverPI-Rigid Foam


Since 2010, based on the original technology and refer ourself to the international technical standard, SOLVER POLYIMIDE developed a new type of rigid PI foam integrated production line has been built, with1000MT annual output. With different needs,we can produce the PIfoam of density and intensity. The PI foam has the characters of high and low heat resistence, High fire retardent,radiation resistence,wave-transparent,microwave absorpting,anti-corrosion,longlife,excellent comprehensive properties,the high rate of obturator,easy processing. It can be widely used in aviation, spaceflight, navigation, transportation, construction and so on.

This product has past the fire retardancy test in the Yuandong fire experiment center.And the result show that our material is in well accordance with the technique target of smoke densitytoxicity testlow flame-spread combuston heat value inInternational fire test program application rulesrequire.The room temperature emissionshigh temperature split productinhalation toxicity experiments on animals are in accordance with human bddy health standards after Non metallic material inspection center of People’s Liberation Army Navy detection.



The application in aerospace

The spherical frame is the air tight cockpit terminal.And it is the thin-wall construction which is mainly made of ball coversplit-stopping tapespherical frame edge and such components.The spherical frame will produce fatigue crack because of the airtight loading during the airplane ground-sky-ground process.So the key problem is how to prevent the airtight cabin fatigue damage.The rigid PIfoam plastic interlayer reinforcement structure can greatly improve the stability of the spherical frame and ruduce the weight of the spherical frame.

The rigid PI foam is used as core material of alae nasi parva,flap and airtight bulkhead in aircraft.The rigid PI foam has the extraoridinary fatigue resistence.It can be used in roter on the advanced high performance helicopter.It can take the load from the roter’s rotation and prolong the life of roter.


The application in transportation

The rigid PI foam with the density 52kg/m3,is characterized by high strength and high creep resistence.The PI foam as the composite core material adopt the co-cure process mading the 125px carbon diber and PI rein stressed-skin construction which can be used as self-host truck body Sighificantly reducing the traffic noise.The structure made of two reinforcing PI rigid foams can produce the bonnet and top cap.


The application in ships and warships

(1)The side shell,bulkhead,top of the carbin which have the requirement of heat insulation,sound insulation.

(2)The cooling pipeline and high temperature steam pipeline over 37.

(3)The submarine shell and frame part need processing of sound transmission loss

(4)The submarine and frame parts which do the heat and steam isolation avoid of the fog.

(5)Cryogenic vessel preservation.


Apperance requirements

1.1Surface:The surface should be smooth,the form hole be well-distributed.

2.2Qualty:Product quality and conditions should be consistent,clean,no impurities and defects affecting the processing or material properties.

1.3Color:The original color unless special provision.

1.4Toxicity:Avirulent,no harm to the skin long-term exposure.


1.6Thickness:Based on the order,the error±5 is permitted.

Technical requirement

Table 1 the specification of rigid PI foam


Test item

Technical requirement

Test Standard

Rigid PI foam

Physicochemical properties

Apparent density,kg/m³



GB/T 6343 The determination of apparent density of foam and rubber.

Thermal conductivity,W/m,K(23℃±2)


GB/T10295 The determination of insulation material of thermal,heat flow meter method.

96hThe moisure absorption rate(relative humidity95%,temperature 49℃±2)


GB/T20312 The determination of consruction material and the products’hygrothermal performance,moisure absorption performance

Radiation resistence

There is not marked change apparent when radiation dose attain 200000Gy.

JJF1018We use the potassium bichromate(silver)dose to measure the ray water uptake dose

Temperature resistence

No crack,55 Not stick,200,12h

GB/T9640Flexible and rigid foam polymer materials,accelerated aging test

Acid resistence(20hydrochloric acid)

There is not change after steeped for 24h.


Alkali resistence(10 caustic soda)

There is not any change in surface after for 24h.


Petrol resistence(120#petrol)

There is not any change in volum after steeped for 24h.


Tensile srength,MPa



GB/T6344Flexible foam polymer materials,the determination of tensile srength and crack growth rate

Compressive strength(10)MPa



GB/T8813 The determination of rigid foam’compression performance

Toxicity of material

Ordinary temperatures toxicity

Meet the requirement of GJB 11.2GJB 11.3 rules.

GJB11BNuclear submarine cabin air composition allowable concetration requirements.

GJB3881Toxicity assessment of nonmetallic materials for ship.

Oridinary temperatures smoke and toxicity

Meet the requirement of FTP’s rules

IMO 2010FTP Part2 of rule The smoke and toxicity testing procedures

Fire protecting performance

(limit)Oxygen index,


GB/T2406.2 Determination of the burning behaviour of plastics by oxygen index method.Part 2 greenhouse experiment.

Density of smoke(Dm)

(Flameless mode flame mode)


GB/T10671 Test method for specific optical density of smoke generated by solid materials

Flame resistence

After leaving the fire ignited material 1s self extinguishing and no droplet

GB/T2408 Test method for flammability of plastics.Level method and vertical method

Low flame spread

Meet the requirement of FTP

IMO2010FTP The rule part 5-The surface materials flammability testing procedures


Heat of combustion,MJ/


ISO1716The determination of heat of combustion


The construction technology

No dust,easyto cut,easy packaging,construction technology can meet the requirements of the users.


Acoustical behavior

Noise reduction cofficient


GB/T18696.1 The measurement of the acoustic impdance of sound absorption coefficient and impedance in tube Part1:Voltage Standing Wave Ratio

The concentration of harmful gases does not exceed the requirements of GJB 11B provisions of the cabin air froup divided allowable concetration.The material of the median lethal concentration LC5050g/m3.

According to the 2010FTP rules of Annex 1 second part2--The smoke and toxicity testing procedures under the condition of high temperature and smoke density detection materials smoke toxicity.The average optical density ratio requirement of flue gas(Dm)≦200;The smoke toxicity concentration was less than the limit value in table 2.

Table 2 The limit value of toxics smoke concentration(Unit:ppm)

Smoke components








Smoke density








Note:SO2 for floor coverings,this index is 200ppm

According to the 2010FTP rules of Annex 1 second part 5--Material testing for pocedures for combusion,See Table 3 for specific requirements.

Table 3 PI foam surface burning characteristics


Surface combustion characteristic index

Allowable value


Go out when the critical heat flux,kW/



Continuous combustion heat,MJ/



Gross heat release,MJ



The heat release peak,Kw



Storage:The material must be stored in damp-proof packing and keep dry,the packing meet the need of military standard.


Lable the message in the corner of every panel as follow:

1、Material standard number,type,specification.

2、Lot No.and date of producted.


4、Logo of company.

5、Order No.(out packing only)

6、Quantity of load(out packing only)

7、Production address.