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Rigid Foam Stabilizer

Feb 22, 2016

Typical data:

AppearanceLight yellow to amber transparent liquid

Content of active material100%





1. Because of the uniquely designed molecular structure of Silibase-2899 rigid foam stabilizer, this gives the product a superior capacity in emulsifying, nucleus forming and foam stabilizing.

2. Silibase-2899 rigid foam stabilizer has good solubility and stability in the premixed systems containing polyether polyol, water, amine and fire retardant. It gives the premixed polyol good

transparency and good fluidity during foaming process. Particularly it can be well used in HFC-245fa system.

3. With Silibase-2899 rigid foam stabilizer, the ‘shear line’ and ‘small bulgy and hollow’ phenomena can obviously be reduced or even eliminated. Uniform density and highly closed cellular structures can be obtained, the insulation and mechanical strength of the foam can be



How to use:

Use levels of 1 to 2 parts Silibase-2899 Additive per 100 parts polyol are suggested. The optimum surfactant loading should be defined for the particular foam formulation.


Packaging and Storage:

Silibase-2899 rigid foam stabilizer is available in 25-kg drums and 250-kg drums.

Shelf life of Silibase-2899 rigid foam stabilizer in sealed drum is 24 months at room temperature.


Other Names:

Silicone Surfactant for Rigid Foam Stabilizer, Rigid Foam Stabilizer, Silicone for Rigid Foam, Silicone Stabilizer, Silicone Surfactant for Shoe Sole, Stabilizer for PU Sole, Foam stabilizer, Silicone for PU sole rigid foam,Silicone for polyurethane rigid foam plastic.