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Requirements For Polyimide Substrates

Feb 09, 2017

In order to obtain a low dielectric constant film material have been many attempts, the main result is the introduction of fluorine or an aliphatic unit in the polymer. Nano polyimide foam is based on another way Hedrick Study Group, led by IBM in the 1990s presented 20 world. Because the air is the dielectric constant of the material of the lowest, the air is dispersed in nanometer size in a polyimide matrix, it should result in a low dielectric constant film. The method is thermally unstable polyimide segment is introduced, and then decomposed at a high temperature to produce uniformly dispersed nano bubble.

In order to obtain nano-polyimide foam as a polyimide substrate should meet the following requirements:

(1) thermal and chemical stability at 450 or higher temperatures;

(2) TG> 375 ;

(3) Good mechanical properties;

(4) Low water absorption;

(5) The relative dielectric constant <3.0

(6) Isotropic optical, electrical properties;

(7) Can be processed;

(8) Readily available