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Protective Clothing Ideal Fiber Material

Dec 06, 2016

Polyimide fiber has good spinnability, can be made into a variety of special occasions, the use of textiles. As a result of high and low temperature resistance, flame retardant, non-droplet, self-extinguishing from the fire and excellent insulation. Polyimide fiber insulation suit wear comfortable, good skin adaptability, permanent flame retardant, and dimensional stability, safety, long service life. Compared with other fibers, the thermal conductivity of the material itself is low, is also an excellent insulating material. Labor protective clothing, the metallurgical sector in China each year to be insulated, breathable, soft fire-retardant overalls 50,000 sets Hydropower, nuclear industry, mining, petrochemical, oil fields and other departments to be 300,000 sets of protective clothing, the need to withstand high temperature flame retardant special protective clothing fiber 300t or so.

Polyamide fiber woven into the non-woven, armor is the production of protective clothing, racing anti-wear clothing, flight suits and other fire retardant clothing the most ideal fiber material. The nanofibrous nonwovens can also be used to create comfortable and warm functional clothing, such as military clothing, medical health suits, to eliminate bad body odor of casual clothes, special anti-chemical weapons clothing, medical and health protection clothing, high-performance smoke masks.