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Prominent Comprehensive Performance Of Polyimide Material

Sep 15, 2014

1.Polyimide is one of the highest species so far polymer thermal stability,High temperature resistant grade,The thermal decomposition temperature is in 500 ℃ above.Hot material its expansion coefficient is small, and the metal at the same level.And can be extremely low temperature, such as not in -269 ℃ in liquid helium embrittlement.

2.Polyimide has good mechanical properties, product excellent mechanical properties, is a kind of high strength and high membrane materials.

3.Some varieties of polyimide material chemical resistance is better, more stable to acid, hardly soluble in all organic solvents.Hydrolysis is not alkali resistance of varieties,This seemingly shortcomings performance makes the polyimide has a lot of characteristics different from other high performance polymers,We can use the alkaline hydrolysis of recycled materials. In addition to change the structure of polyimide materials can also be quite resistant to hydrolysis.

4.Polyimide has high radiation resistance, the film is 5 × 109rad after electron irradiation strength retention rate was 90%.

5.Polyimide without filler is a very good insulating materials, volume resistance, breakdown strength, dielectric properties of good.These properties can still maintained at a high level in a wide range of temperature and frequency range.

6.Polyimide is a kind of flame retardant materials,self-extinguishment of polymer, smoking rate is low, the oxygen index of it can reach more than 30.

7.Pure polyimide material is a non-toxic, non irritating materials,And can withstand thousands of times of high temperature sterilization.Some polyimide material has certain antibacterial and antifungal properties.

8.Some polyimide fiber also has the function of heat preservation,Warm and it can be comparable with cashmere.