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Product Market Prospects And Competitive Advantage Of PI

Sep 15, 2014

According to the market segmentation,Demand prediction at home and abroad.The company's products or services, competitive advantage.

The current global polyimide annual consumption of 100000 tons, America, Europe, Japan is the world's most important market consumption of polyimide. In 2007, consumption USA, Europe, Japan polyimide are respectively 18000 tons, 16000 tons and 7000 tons, the direct economic value of more than $50000000000. Polyimide which differ in the consumption of all countries and regions, America is mainly used in plastics, accounting for about 80% of consumption; the major European consumption is enameled wire, consumption accounted for 70% ~ 80%; Japan is mainly used in film and plastic, together accounted for 95% of consumption. With the development of aviation, automobile, particularly the sustained and rapid development of the electronics industry, an urgent requirement for electronic equipment miniaturization, lightweight, high performance and high reliability. Polyimide excellent performance can fully meet the requirements in the field of. Foreign authority predicts global future years of polyimide demand will increase at an annual rate of about 10%, in 2013 the total consumption will reach about 100000 tons, the market prospect is very considerable.

So far, the global polyimide production enterprises is about 60, mainly concentrated in developed countries America, Western Europe and Japan and other regions, in addition, China (including Taiwan), South Korea, Malaysia, Russia is part of the enterprise production of polyimide. A list of the world's major polyimide production enterprises and production capacity in the table below, including General Electric (GE) Company production of polyether imide (Ultem ®) dominance in thermoplastic products, is currently the world's only large-scale production of thermoplastic polyimide supplier. The thermoplastic polyimide demand has more than 10000 tons per year, an annual increase of 30% or more,

According to the project pre-market research, in 2012 China's annual demand of thermoplastic PI market to reach more than 10000 tons, along with our country electronic, automotive and aircraft industry development, thermoplastic PI demand will increase substantially.At present, most domestic enterprises can only produce thermosetting PI, unable to meet the domestic market in thermoplastic PI demand, China has long been a thermoplastic PI market for GE plastics company (now known as the SABIC Innovative Plastics) monopoly.GE thermoplastic PI (brand name "Ultem") there are two main types of products, in the domestic market price of 20~50 million / ton and 1000000 / ton, the price is expensive, which is the largest amount of base material Ultem1000 (heat temperature below 180 degrees) in 20~50 million / ton.High end products such as "Extem" belongs to the national commodity control America, because the military causes long-term on China's ban.Thermoplastic PI in addition to the civil market application, in military application field is very wide, can be used in aircraft, missiles, military vehicles, weapons and equipment, involving national security, only to the domestic enterprises to purchase, but due to technical reasons at present there is not the scale of production to meet the needs of the product.Therefore, the thermoplastic PI is urgently needed in China products.The implementation of this project can not only ease the domestic market and the craving for thermoplastic PI, and can replace the GE products for export. At present, the heat of our country's research and development of thermoplastic polyimide unit of small, high performance commercial grade heat really put on the market for thermoplastic polyimide hardly, so high performance thermoplastic polyimide in our country is still a blank. At present our country market thermoplastic polyimide is GE Ultem low-end brand monopoly, the supply of more than 3000 tons, according to the lowest price 20~30 million / ton, the market share reached 5~6 billion yuan, it is worth mentioning that Ultem high-end brand products to block the sale of Chinese, so the government will further increase the product support, strategic significance. With China's large aircraft project, the products are expected to be applied in this field. And with the stable production of the company in the future, which can further expand the market in other fields, especially in military market, prospects. This technology belongs to the domestic blank, reached the international advanced level, the market prospect is very considerable.