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Product Form Of Thermoplastic Polyimide

Sep 15, 2014

Film, plastic powder, varnish and fiber support film is suitable for molding and injection molding, lamination, electrical insulation and jacket, enameled wire, electric in the coating, protective coating and adhesive. There are prefabricated general profile of polyimide full imidization of, can use the machine processed into various components.

Made of polyamide acid intermediates for thermoplastic polyamide varnish have supply, with the wound using polyimide acid paint in electronic and protective coatings and long fiber, pre molding processing requirements on the coating thermal imidization or long fiber winding.

Thermoplastic polyimide can also be made into carbon fiber prepreg, to manufacture of advanced composite materials. Hot type polyimide products have "dry" thermoplastic ribbon prepreg and wet prepregs. These products are in the process of production of the composite material, is formed from a mixture of Polyimide by heat into polyimide network resin.