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Processing Of Thermoplastic Polyimide

Sep 15, 2014

Due to the aromatic thermoplastic polyimide Tg high, so in the processing of these polymers for high temperature.

Polyimide powder can be in the medium pressure (21 to 41MPa) by compression molding. According to the thermoplastic polyimide Tg, need to use 500 and 845 ° F between casting temperature to melt the powder. With moderate Tg powder and pellets can be injection molding. Because of the high melt viscosity, injection molding are need abundant professional knowledge. In order to optimize the molding performance, should follow the polyimide suppliers recommended by a special resin injection molding process.

With the aid of traditional film casting technology, can from polyimide varnish (if it can be dissolved in a suitable solvent words), or the polyamic acid varnish films prepared. If the use of polyamic acid varnish, film obtained must thermal imidization, to obtain polyimide film."

Usually, using melt extrusion technology, the aromatic thermoplastic polyimide film processing temperature is too high and can not produce acceptable. However, with the siloxane diamine or ether modified double face to improve performance substantially reduce the processing temperature, polyimide, conventional melt extrusion method is a feasible.

With polyimides or polyamide acid solution soak glass, quartz, graphite fiber and / or continuous fiber bundle, then removing the solvent, and heating the resin to make it melt, of the laminates. As in other occasions polyamic acid, it also requires a final thermal imidization procedures.

By compression molding and autoclaved technology of advanced composite materials, plastic poly which imine prepreg prepared of high temperature resistance from the "wet" or "dry" hot. To reinforce the prepreg and using polyimide melt heating cycle with the specific polyimide and change. Usually, for steam temperature over 600 ° F, the pressure above 14MPa. In order to get good quality, when from thermoplastic polyimide prepreg manufacturing composite prepreg processing conditions, should comply with the blank suppliers recommended.

Powder false thermoplastic polyimide, can use the method of powder metallurgy technology of cold formed components made of F at high temperature, and then 680 to 720 ° sintering.

Thermoplastic polyimide is also used for the dielectric coating, metal and higher composite protective coatings and corrosion resistant barrier coatings and electronic facilities. Usually, the use of polyamic acid varnish. Using conventional coating techniques (for example: spray, brush, dip and roll). After a drying step, polyamic acid coating by heat into polyimide. For the thin coating requirements for electronic applications, the use of high speed spin coating process. Similarly, if you use the polyamic acid varnish, in the coating process requires a final thermal imidization procedures.