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Polyimide Tube/Insulation Tube

Jul 08, 2016

Product Description

 Product Name :Polyimide Tube
Specification:(Upon requests)

Product  Features :
Polyimide tubing is produced by spirally winding strips of polyimide film using a unique adhesive for lamination.Tubing made
of this material provides greater electrical,physical and mechanical insulation than most known films.Among its outstanding qualities
are resistance to radiation and retention of properties through high and low temperature extremes.Polymide films can be used in
virtually any combination of plastic films,papers or substrates which we currently spirally wind.This allows us to meet your exact needs
when the properties of more than one material are required.
Notes :
The above technical parameter is based on company methods and average data, which have been proven reliable,. For the correct
choice of products, we recommend that your recognition of the object, its purpose and working conditions, in order to provide you
with further detailed description.