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Polyimide Resin Composite 15% Molybdenum Disulfide

Mar 18, 2016


Product Name: Polyimide Resin Composite 15% Molybdenum Disulfide

Item No.: SolverPI-Composite 15M


SolverPI-Resin 6001 can be ued for aircraft,aviation,automobile,office equipment,electrical and electriconic equipment,sciencific instrument,industrial machinery,production equipment and so on.The polyimide is fit for the application surroundings which can be temperature resisting,sealed,dimensional stability,deformation without fracture,such as seeling ring,thrust washer,sliding bearing,vacuum pump vane,valve seat,gear and so on.


Pure SolverPI-Resin 6001

The 100pure polyimide resin can be mould pressing,injection molding,extrusion molding.The 100pure polyimide resin has outstanding advantages in the polyimide series,such as The highest mechanical properties,the best electric and thermal insulation properties,high tempeature wear-resist(high PV value)excellent dimention stability.


Products are mainly used in:The environment which have high requirements in mechanical properties,purity,inslation,heat inslation,friction coefficient.Typical applications include vavle seat,thermal insulation cover,plasma welding gun,turbine ring,timing gear tensioner,bearing retainer,Printer paper disengaging pawl,break block,sensing the locator and so on.


Composite SolverPI-Resin 6001 with molybdenum disulfide


The jointed SolverPI-Resin 6001 The product is compression moulding formed with 15% molybdenum disulfide added into the polyimide resin which has excellent wear-resisting property and sealing preperty in the high vacuum environment.


The product is mainly used in super vacuum and bayonet.This composite material has successfully been applied to thousands of centrifugal pump which mainly used in oil refinerychemical factorypower station and other fluid handling equipment.This product is used as the choma of the pumpthroat bushingsaxletree bearing which can replace metalgraphitesilicon carbide and other composite material to significantly improve the efficiencyreliability and running performance of the pump.


The characteristic of the product can effectively reduce probability of stuck when the pump is running,and lower mouth ring gap over 50%.


Applications and envirnments:refineryboiler feedwatercentrifugal pumpshield pumpsubmerged pumpmagnetic drive pumpchemical fertilizer plantsulphuric acid plant and so on.

Transmission medium:Low density olefinThe gas and liquid saturation mediumstrong corrosivehigh and low temperature.

Can solve the problems as follow:short lifetimeair muddygreat vibrationbearing seizureinefficientpoor lubricitya small number of particles.

This product can be applied to such kind of pump:

(1)Centrifugal pump:Mouth ringsliding bearing

(2)Submerged pump:Intermediate bushing

(3)Shield pump:Sliding bearing,solve the problem of forced lubrication

(4)Magnetic drive pump:Sliding bearing and shielding,solve the problem of forced     lubrication.