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Polyimide Resin Called PI

Apr 29, 2016

First, the appearance: transparent liquid, powder yellow, brown granules, amber particles.
Liquid polyimide resin, a polyimide resin solution, a polyimide resin powder, polyimide resin particles, polyimide resin pellets, pellets of a polyimide resin, a thermoplastic polyimide resin solution, powder of the thermoplastic polyimide resin, thermosetting polyimide resin solution, a thermosetting polyimide resin powder, thermoplastic polyimide pure resin, thermosetting polyimide resin, pure
Second, the method comprising molding a polyimide PI: high temperature curing molding, compression molding, dipping, spraying, calendering, injection molding, extrusion, casting, coating, casting, lamination, foam molding, transfer molding, molding forming.
Third, the application of polyimide PI polyimide polymer heat is one of the best, but also has high mechanical properties and excellent in the Nationality, abrasion resistance, radiation and other properties, since the advent obtained rapid development, widely used in aerospace, electrical, electronics, motorcycles, automobiles, precision machinery and automated office machinery and other fields. Typical applications such as: ① mining, pharmaceutical and textile industries requires oil-free bearings, roller, bushings, bushings, etc; ② automotive industry close to the engine loop pipe, exhaust pipe, brake pads, bearings, piston rings , timing gear, compressors, vacuum pumps and generator parts, fasteners, spline joints and electronic contact, etc; ③ power industry, nuclear industry requires radiation resistant structural parts; make printed circuit boards, insulation materials ④ electronics industry, heat-resistant cable, terminal, socket; do the ⑤ Machinery industry high temperature self-lubricating bearings, compressor blades and piston rings, seals, equipment shrouds, thrust washers, bushings; ⑥ light electrical industry, precision machinery industries, such as copiers, printers, etc; ⑦ do in the field of aviation engine fuel supply system parts, jet engine components, but also make the car engine components, aircraft foam insulation materials (polyurethane PU compared with a flame retardant, non-toxic advantage). In short, all the requirements of a material having a high temperature, thermal oxidation, radiation-resistant, corrosion-resistant, self-lubricating or insulating (dielectric) properties, components operating in harsh environments, the use of this material.