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Polyimide Properties

Apr 13, 2016

Polyimide Properties
Polyimide resin (PI) overall performance is very good, it has the corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance, high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, impact resistance, low density, low noise, long life and other characteristics.
Excellent high temperature performance (269 ℃ ~ 280 ℃ long-term deformation); thermal decomposition temperature of up to 600 ℃, is one of the highest thermal stability of polymers varieties so far, in the 269 ℃ liquid helium does not rattle. Maintain long-term resistance to creep and fatigue resistance over a wide temperature range. At 280 ℃ (512 ℃) at sufficiently high tensile strength and flexural modulus, improved compressive strength, tensile strength of the unfilled plastics 100Mpa or more in some types of carbon fibers after the polyimide .
Extraordinary resistance to chemicals, solvents, lubricants and fuels, sealing well. Because it is self-extinguishing polymer with inherent flame resistance, no smoke emission properties. Low-noise, self-lubricating performance, oil-free self-lubricating; low thermal expansion coefficient; coefficient of thermal expansion in the 2 × 10-5 ~ 3 × 10-5, individual models can be 10-7. Good electrical properties; dielectric constant of about 3.4, dielectric loss 10-3, a dielectric strength of 100 ~ 300KV / mm, thermoplastic polyimide was 300KV / mm, volume resistivity of 1017Ω / ℃ m. Excellent hydrolysis resistance and low water absorption, such as to withstand 120 ℃, 500 h boiled.