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Polyimide Processing

Jun 02, 2016

After decades of development, it has always held that the concept of polyimide difficult to process should be revised. Polyimide fact already applied to most polymer processing methods.

For example, by solution cast film, spin coating and screen printing; can be hot melt processing methods, extrusion, injection molding, even very low melt viscosity can be obtained prepolymer transfer molding (the RTM); you can use high solid content, preparation (PMR method) prepreg prepolymer solution were low viscosity; It may be spinning solution (wet, dry, and one thousand jet wet spinning) and melt spinning; the quaternion dibasic acid ester monomers can also be a unique way to get a polyimide foam. It can also perform a vapor deposition method and the use of a film unit dianhydride and diamine easy sublimation.

As for submicron lithography, deep straight wall etching, ion implantation, laser precision machining, nano-hybrid technology and so on for the application of polyimide open vast world.

Thus, far from being a polyimide polymer difficult to process, and comparison with other polymers or polymer processing means more to choose from.