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Polyimide Powder

Nov 25, 2015

Polyimide Powder

breaks: friction pad, valve seat, wear pad
fuel system: bushing, seal ring, valve seat bearings in ovens
transmission: seal ring, thrust washer, valve seat, ball check valve 
others: bushing, thrust plugs and washer in electrical motors, charging valve and bearing retainer in turbo cargers, vane pump, hinge bushing in doors

seal rings
piston rings
locknut inserts
thrust washers

bearing sleeve and roller bushing in copiers
resin bonds for diamod implements
bearings and shedding bush in textile machines
vanes and poppet valve in refrigeration compressor
piston rings

Electronics / Semiconductor
micro-switch and transducer in insulators
Braided Packings
Braided  packings are the last barrier to prevent leakagesmore
Insulating Material
Insulation fabric ensure that hot and cold environments can be generated with low energy inputmore
Electronic Industry
The electrical properties of polyimides ensure the proper function of ic's
Engineering Material
The outstanding thermal and mechanical properties of polyimides ensure the proper function of machinesmore
Gas Separation
The SEPURAN® product family includes various membrane systems for gas separation for different applicationsmore