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Polyimide Polymer Of Bonding

Aug 24, 2016

The polyimide polymer adhesive aimed primarily at their bonding with polyimide and epoxy polymer adhesive. Especially for the manufacture of printed circuit boards, currently mainly use polyimide film by a layer of adhesive bonding the copper foil prepared. This requires gather good adhesive force between the polyimide film and adhesive peel strength therebetween requirements reach 10N / cm. The adhesive used has an epoxy or acrylic polymer, but since these adhesives having high heat resistance enough, often difficult to use at 70 . So the more heat-resistant adhesives, especially polyimide-based adhesives have become increasingly urgent. Polymer adhesion to the polymer chains is achieved through the entanglement of macromolecules interface diffusion.

Determinants of polyimide polyimide bonding are: 1. polyamic acid diffusion through the interface. 2. The two films of the cured system. 3. After imidization molecular structure and aggregation at the interface