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Polyimide Polymer Material

Oct 26, 2015

As promising polyimide polymer material has been fully recognized in the insulating material and the material aspects of the application structure is constantly expanding. In terms of functional materials being brought on their potential is still excavations.

    On the 15th China International Hi-Tech Fair, experts from home and abroad, customers, especially polyimide particles exhibited and super-tough type thermosetting polyimide profiles showed keen interest from overseas A client is looking for the aircraft polymer materials, see the polyimide particles was very surprised, on the spot expressed strong intention to cooperate; seek both a high temperature but also low temperature resistant Arctic station electronic equipment and materials customers see the polyimide product treasure.

    Polyimide non-toxic, used to make cutlery and medical equipment, and can withstand thousands of sterilization. Some polyimide also has good biocompatibility, for example, in blood compatibility test non-hemolytic, non-toxic in vitro cytotoxicity experiments.

    With the significant reduction in synthesis technology to further improve the processing technology and cost, but also has excellent mechanical properties, electrical insulation properties, thermoplastic polyimide will show its more prominent role in the field of future materials. The thermoplastic polyimide and its good workability and more promising.