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Polyimide Has Excellent Heat Resistance And Other Properties

Jan 22, 2021

When as a molding material, according to applications and required performance (e.g. mechanical  strength, the sliding portion, etc.) of different polyphenylene sulfide, glass fiber, asbestos.
Ling disulfide and polytetrafluoroethylene resin filler. PPS moldability, available injection or compression molding, extrusion molding can be used to make wire. Sometimes, in order to achieve the required moldability, the material can be pre-heated to crosslink it slightly.
The resin has excellent heat resistance, chemical resistance and hydrolysis resistance, it is used in the manufacture of medical and dental equipment (such as ultrasonic cleaning container sterilization temperature is 190-C, but also because of the high temperature creep small molding dimensional stability and resistance to gasoline and grease, it can be used in automobile manufacturing. Other can be used in the manufacture of electrical and electronic industrial parts sliding parts and bearings, etc. In addition, it is characterized by baking the film,  because of cross-linking The reaction improves the physical properties of the coating film.
Mining phthalimide DuPont successfully developed in 1963, resin, in a 240- + 3700C temperature range, with excellent mechanical strength, good electrical properties, low coefficient of friction, wear is also small. Because it has excellent heat resistance and other properties,  so many companies to start work on the development of this type of resin, has appeared in a number of strengths in performance polyimide resin. From the synthesis reaction, it can be divided into condensation reaction and addition polymerization categories. Furthermore, in order to improve its moldability and other properties, but also developed a number of modified poly phthalimide, it is now being used in many fields.