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Polyimide Foam

Apr 07, 2016

Polyimide foam

Polyimide foam currently only can be manufactured by few makers in the world. Polyimide foam is the light weight porous material, can resist low and high temperature, no smoke or toxic gas emission, can be used as thermal and acoustical insulation, or flame retardant materials, and can be used as support material of advanced composites materials and sandwich of composites materials.


  • Wide working temperature range

  • Flame retardant

  • Very low weight per unit volume

  • Radiation retardant

  • No smoke or toxic gas emission

  • Radar peneratrating and absorbing

  • Corrosion retardant

  • Excellent thermal and acoustical insulation properties

Polyimide foam be widely used in aviation, aerospace, navigation, transport, construction field.


  • Pipeline of LNG

  • Shipboard hulls, bulkheads, chilled-water lines and systems

  • Submarine hull and frame sections

  • Radar cover

We can supply both flexible and rigid polyimide foam.