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Polyimide Film

May 09, 2016

Polyimide film Polyimide is one of the first commodity,slot insulation for motors and cable wrapping material.Transparent polyimide film solar cells can be used as a soft bottom plate.Polyimide fiber can be used to filter hot gases,Polyimide yarn may be separated dust and specialty chemicals from exhaust gases.

Coatings: paint used as an insulating wire, or use as a heat resistant coatings.

Advanced composite materials: for the aerospace, aircraft and rocket parts.It is one of the most high-temperature structural materials.

Fiber: Elastic modulus carbon fibers behind, as the high temperature medium and filter materials and radioactive substances bulletproof, fireproof fabric.

Foam: for high temperature insulation material.

Engineering Plastics: thermosetting there thermoplastic, thermoplastic molding can also be used for injection molding or transfer molding.The main lubrication, sealing, insulating and structural materials for self.

Membrane: for a variety of gases, such as hydrogen / nitrogen, nitrogen / oxygen, carbon dioxide and / or methane, nitrogen separation,Removing moisture from the air and the hydrocarbon feed gas alcohols.But also as a pervaporation membrane and ultrafiltration membrane.Since the polyimide heat and organic solvent resistance, has a special significance in the separation of organic gases and liquids.