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Polyimide Film

Jul 05, 2016


•Application:Winding Wire Coating Insulation

•Type:Insulation Film

•Chemistry:Organic Insulation


•Thermal Rating:H 180

•Maximum Voltage:10KV~20KV

Product Description

Name: Polyimide film

1. Appearance: The adhesive tape is clean and smooth, without air bubble and impurities
2. Size
1). Length: The length of a reel of adhesive tape is not less than 300m, the number of section is not more than 3 sections, minimum length of them is not less than 100m
2). Width: The width and its allowance of the adhesive tape is from 6mm to 500mm± 0.5mm.
3). Thickness: Nominal thickness and allowance of the adhesive tape: We can supply tapes with different thickness according to requirement of customers, their allowance is± 0.006mm or supply according to the requirement of custormer.