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Polyimide fiber

Jun 07, 2016

Polyimide fiber
Function:Flame Resistance
Appearance:Fiber Color:Yellow

Polyimide fiber with excellent properties of high temperature resistance, insulation, flame retardant, anti-radiation, anti- UV, anti-bacteria and solvent resistance can be widely used in the area of high temperature dusting(Non-woven felt, filter bag), special protection and composite material. The fiber is applied  to a kind of inforcing material in the composite material to prolong the life time, Especially for the polyimide fiber paper.
 polyimide fiber is as follows,
Fineness   1.5~5 dtex,
Density     1.41 g/cm3 ;
Breaking strength >4.0 cN/dtex;
Elongation at break 10~30%;
Continuous use temperature 260ºC;
Decomposition temperature 560ºC;
Limiting oxygen index (LOI) 38%;
Acid resistance and UV radiation resistance.