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Polyimide Development Proposals

May 24, 2016

Expand the industrial scale polyimide film

Both from home and abroad to the development trend of high-performance organic thin film, or from the perspective of the urgent needs of the domestic high-tech industry to consider the polyimide film, the current implementation of the industrialization of the polyimide film is very necessary. National authorities should be guided policy, sufficient attention and support for the development and production of high-performance polyimide film, promoting high-performance polyimide film to expand the industrial scale production as soon as possible. Proposed to continue research and development efforts polyimide film industry of technology, emphasis on new materials research and development of basic work, polyimide key production technology with independent intellectual property rights, promote the localization process of polyimide films and their products meet national strategic needs, and gradually replace imports.

The polyimide film to improve key technology

With polyimide studies relating to the deepening of our own production of polyimide film technology will gradually improve, production costs will be gradually reduced. High-performance polyimide film after the success of our research and development to achieve industrialization, would enable the domestic price of high-performance polyimide film decreases, reduce the cost of its field of application, which is the development of electrical and electronic industry is very favorable. The current urgent need to actively develop special resin preparation and stable production technology, to provide a solid foundation for the polyimide film industry, at the same time fill the gaps in the related art, to break the foreign monopoly on this technology, and we can provide a full set of high-tech materials such domestic development of key technologies mature, and promote progress and industrial upgrading of the industry, from the production of power to help our technology power shift.