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Polyimide Carbonized Product

Jun 28, 2016

After the polymer is carbonized in an inert atmosphere or in a vacuum heating decomposition, who can break down into low molecular structures have become part of the gas to escape. The remaining solid is mainly carbon, either in the form of amorphous carbon, or may be graphitized carbon. Structure and properties of carbon materials is determined by the structure of the polymer, intermediates pyrolysis carbonization and graphitization features and conditions. Control conditions can be obtained in a scanning electron microscope can not be found carbonized film cracking and pinholes.

Carbonized polyimide is an electrically conductive material can be used for the carbon electrodes, biomedical devices, low-temperature heating element, a pattern of conductive traces, electromagnetic shielding, and radiation detection element may be a gas. Polyimide material and thickness greater than carbon phenolic obtained carbon material. Cermet used to extract the air filter has been manufactured with carbonized polyimide. This filter has a stable permeability and high degree of purification.

Polyimide carbonized material is also used as a lubricant, above 300 has a low coefficient of friction. This material even in a mixture of nitric acid and sulfuric acid costs at boiling point and the boiling in KOH solution is also stable.

In the past used to produce carbonized polymeric material is a phenolic resin, the drawback is the low carbon yield after pyrolysis, also brought a large shrinkage. Also not much variety, limited thickness, brittleness and unpredictable presence in airtight product defects also makes use of such a resin is limited.