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Polyimide As A Binder For Adhesive

Feb 14, 2017

According to the present bonding mechanism it has been approved may be made of the following categories: mechanical lock; surface wetting and absorption; interface diffusion: mainly for polymer - polymer adhesion between; acid-base interaction, too strong and not too weak to have a high adhesive; chemically bonded.

In particular the bonding Want more than just a model in which the above-mentioned effects, there may be two or more modes simultaneously.

Polyimide as an adhesive binder objects are mainly three categories: metals, non-metallic and polymer, such as polyimide itself. To achieve good adhesion, in addition to selecting the appropriate adhesive, the surface treatment of the substrate is also very important. Polyimide structure having a plurality of carbonyl groups, and has a strong role in the load transfer, these factors are in good condition as a binder. But the most common use of PMDA / ODA was not a good adhesive. This not only polyimide and copper, glass and the like can’t be a good bonding, the strange thing is that it itself can’t bonding. If the polyamic acid PMDA / ODA is applied PMDA / ODA polyimide and then imidization, the formed film can easily be peeled off.